Intern Spotlight: Megan!

This month we would like to highlight our incredible summer intern, Megan Travers. You may recognize her smile if you have ever stopped by our Bounty Farm Stand or the Farmacy at the Petaluma Health Center.  Megan joined us in late June as an intern and has been supporting our programming and administrative activities ever since. Her warmth and commitment to community shine through the work she does, and we are so grateful for her contributions to the busy summer growing season at Bounty Farm.
Megan, a senior at Oregon State University, is currently finishing her Public Health degree with an internship at Petaluma Bounty. She cites the incredible support of her husband as well as her family back in Oregon for cheering her on in her academic endeavors and adventures in California. In the quote below, Megan reflected on her involvement with Petaluma Bounty over the last few months:
“When I came to the Bounty, I was so pleased to find out that I would have a lot of say in what my experience would look like. I was able to identify the different types of experience I wanted to gain. My academic knowledge was appreciated and utilized, and it feels amazing to know that I was not just another set of hands to get work done, but rather a tool and an asset that could be used in an effort to reach current goals and set new ones. I am so appreciative of the variety of tasks that I was assigned. I truly did get to know so many aspects of how a nonprofit is run. I had the opportunity to operate some of our outlets, allowing me to meet and connect with the members of our community who we are serving. And I also got to gain insight into the administrative aspect of running a nonprofit. This experience has been invaluable, and while I am sad for my time here to end, I am also thrilled to begin a career in this field with new confidence I have developed through the experience I gained with Petaluma Bounty. I am so thankful for the warm welcome and acceptance that I received from the very beginning, and for the friendships I have formed along the way. Petaluma Bounty will forever hold a special place in my heart.”
Megan, we will miss your dedication, compassion, and work ethic, and wish you the absolute best in your future endeavors!

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