Mapping the emergency local food scene


Collecting information via google forms, distributing it to websites interfacing with the public, strengthen the web of community food hubs, and improving communication between all parties.. We are mapping and connecting a regionalized and sustained local food response leveraging existing distribution local food producers. Please fill out the google form below so we can map out who is helping whom and which service providers are accepting local food donations. Helping the helpers find each other….for local food distribution: Food Outlets, Food Donors, and Food Logistics.

Please share with your networks. Not necessarily looking for volunteers just trying to connect existing efforts and streamline communication. Lots of food donations not finding outlets. We can do better!


  • To help connect local food donations to local people and coordinate community efforts across affected regions.
  • To populate other websites (CropMobster, Sonoma Recovers, Sonoma Fire Info) with helpful food distribution information.


Collect information via Google Forms and outreach to others doing the work in the field, provide (non-confidential) information to public facing websites, and continue to update information for practitioners.

Roles of Volunteers

  1. Data gatherers
  2. Maintainers of data
  3. Match Maker/Dispatchers

Roles in Food Efforts (delineated in Google Form)

  1. Food Outlet (Physical places where food is distributed to individuals or groups in need.  Food is in the form of raw produce or prepared meals)
  2. Food Donor (An individual or entity that has raw or cooked food available to bring to a Food Outlet)
  3. Food Logistics (Volunteer, Commercial Kitchen, Processor, Fridge/ Freezer, Food Hub, Delivery/Distributor: intermediaries that help make this all happen)
Please share with others as well!
If you’re looking for volunteer opportunities in general, please go to Sonoma County Recovers.
If you’re looking to volunteer with Petaluma Bounty, please like our facebook page.

In community,

Suzi and the Bounty Team

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