Petaluma Bounty Plant Sale

We’re getting excited for the 9th Annual Plant Sale! This has become a major Petaluma event and a great way for the Bounty to raise funds to support our programs. Thank you to everyone who has supported the Plant Sale in the past! And we are seeking event sponsors to help promote this one-day horticultural event!

This year, the Plant Sale will be on Sunday April 28th. We had previously announce the event to be on April 14th but will have to postpone due to the delayed growing season. It’s a challenge to find the balance between having the product when customers want them (usually the first warm and sunny weekend in April) and what is best for the plants and our farm. This year is especially challenging due to when Easter falls as well as the cool and wet weeks we had in February and expect in a few days.

Please know that we want to get your plant starts out as early as we can while still feeling good about their health and vitality. Although we have heat mats in our greenhouse, the space is heated by passive solar power. So overcast days equate to lower temperatures and longer growth times for baby plants.

Know that although the Bounty team has streamlined some practices, this is still a very scrappy and community oriented operation. If you would like to see how your future plant starts are grown, we would love to have you volunteer with us to experience it first hand (Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9 to 12pm). After I publish this post, I’ll run out to the greenhouse to plant the melons and squash!

We also rely upon local businesses to donate or discount their products so that we can maximize the “profit” that goes to cover the cost of our programs. A few of our local partners include The Petaluma Seed Bank, Grab N Grow, HydroFarm, Sonoma Compost, Swallowtail Garden Seeds, and The Natural Gardening Company. We are grateful to all who support our efforts in reaching community food security through access, education, engagement, and empowerment.

If you would like to support by being a sponsor, please reach out to or consider volunteering!

We’ll see you on April 28th if not beforehand!

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