Seasonal Reflections from the Farm

From Farmer Reyna:

November has been a bustling month for the farm. It began with the closure of our seasonal Thursday farmstand and Bounty Bag CSA subscriptions.

But all the while, fall farm crops were preparing for their own showcase as we began our winter Saturday Farmstand where you can find the bountiful fruits of our and our community’s labor: broccoli, cauliflower, three kinds of kale, arugula, lettuce, chives and many more! It is a joy to see the brassicae plants thrive in their preferred weather and an even more joyous feeling to know we can continue our sliding-scale farmstand as well as our Farmacy outlets, offering more affordable, fresh organic produce longer into the season.

Alongside the harvest, we have been busily tucking away the rest of our fields for winter. Thanks to the many hands of our volunteers, we’ve spent the last month removing irrigation, pulling old crops, removing weed seeds and mowing all the rest. We then haul in manure and other soil amendments to disc into our fields in preparation for our annual cover cropping.

Cover cropping is part of our foundational sustainable agriculture goals to build soil health. Bounty Farm uses a variety of beans, peas, vetch, barley and oats make up our cover crop mix. This practice offers a wide array of benefits from resupplying nutrients to the soil to adding organic matter to erosion and runoff control (find out more here). You will have to visit the farm in winter once the cover crop establishes – it’s an incredible sea of green reaching from the beds as if the soil was exhaling the vegetation like a peaceful, restful sigh.

On that note, we hope you all have a restful day of thanks. We give thanks to the land for all it offers and are grateful to you the community for being a part of it all.

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