Special Thanks to Grab n’ Grow!

As we are in the process of reflecting back on the year, we are so thankful for all of those that have donated to us, whether it was the change from their produce purchase or a large donation from a business; we could not do what we do without every donation that comes our way. At the Bounty Farm, we rely upon local businesses donating their goods and services to keep our operation costs minimal. Today, we want to specially highlight Grab n’ Grow for their ongoing support of Petaluma Bounty for the past several years.

For 2020, they offered us their soil media mixes, specifically their Organic Seed Starter Mix and the Organic Urban Potting Mix

We at the Bounty were able to leverage Grab n’ Grow’s generous donation to accomplish the following initiatives: Petaluma Bounty’s 10th annual Spring Plant Sale, a full season of farm production planting, our first ever Fall Plant Sale, and helping to launch the community initiative getstarted.

This translates into 10,000 plants sold and almost 4,000 plants donated to school and community efforts from our plant sales, over 14,000 lbs. of produce harvested at the Bounty Farm, and over 300 getstarted kits distributed to home gardeners on limited incomes.

We truly believe that healthy soil helps create healthy food! As one of our guiding principles states- “Food and quality nutrition is the foundation for well-being for the individual. The well-being of our community is directly linked to the health of the soil and ecosystem that feeds us.”

We at Bounty are so thankful to Grab n’ Grow for supporting one of our most fundamental needs this year and look forward to partnering into the future!

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