Thank You for Helping Make Our 2023 Spring Plant Sale a Success

Petaluma Bounty is grateful to all of you who helped make our 13th Annual Spring Plant Sale a success.

We couldn’t have picked a better weekend for our the sale — warm, sunny, and with just a touch of afternoon breeze.

Saturday, April 22, 2023, was the qualified customers’ day, starting at 2 p.m. If you were one of the first to arrive, you may have witnessed us running around a bit. That morning, we were unexpectedly thin on volunteer help and the pressure was on to get the sale ready. Thankfully, in the end, everything went without a hitch. We were happy to see each and every one of you in a non-stop flow. It was especially exciting for us to see many CalFresh customers and many new customers on our farm for the first time. Thanks to donors, we were once again able to offer 50% discounts, up to $20, to our CalFresh customers.

We hope to see all of you again when our produce outlets start for the season, during volunteer hours, at future plant sales, and other special events.

A large variety thanks to seed donations

We may be biased but our Plant Sales are special. First off, we have sustainably grown healthy plants straight from the farm. In the many weeks leading up to the sales, they are seeded, watered, transplanted, and taken care of by many loving hands, including those of our staff and volunteers. Thank you, all volunteers.

As usual (or even more so), we had a large selection of plants, some even new to even us. We are thankful for Petaluma Seed Bank and Swallowtail Garden Seeds for the donations and the continued support.

Master Gardeners and Zero Waste compost giveaway

There are a couple of special additions that are becoming a regular part of our twice-yearly plant sales. One is the presence of Master Gardeners as plant experts assisting customers. The Master Gardeners were stationed both near the plants and at the farm entrance. They advised customers on plant selection and dispensed wisdom to those exiting the farm with their purchases.

We also had a free compost giveaway thanks to Zero Waste Sonoma. Zero Waste provided compost, free compost pails, and bags for customers.

Thank you, sponsors and donors

Other sponsors and donors include

We appreciate your feedback

It gave us a big boost of happiness when post-event feedback began to flow in. Please know that we read each one of your emails and we’d love to hear more, praise or not.

2 Replies to “Thank You for Helping Make Our 2023 Spring Plant Sale a Success”

  1. Suzan Hahn

    Hi and thank you for the wonderful offerings at your annual plant sale.
    Any chance there is more opportunity for collecting more compost?
    We were not in great health end of April so planting only happened this weekend, and we were short on compost. Cannot wait to put the plants we bought from you in the ground.

    Thank you in advance
    Suzan and David

  2. Masako Watanabe Post author

    Thank you for coming to our plant sale. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more compost at this time. Zero Waste Sonoma has compost giveaway events listed on their calendar at There aren’t any in Petaluma in the near future but there are a few in nearby cities. We wish we could be more helpful! Happy planting.

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