2020 Plant Sale Updates

Edit 4/23/2020: You will have access to our online plant sale platform on April 26th. Join our newsletter (to the right) to stay up-to-date on all changes.

The countdown is on for Bounty’s 10th Annual Plant Sale! And we’re excited to help you and your gardening friends to grow more of your own delicious food.

We’re so excited to again offer over 150 varieties and thousands of plants at our annual plant sale! For a list of all plant varieties being grown click here, ordering links, and other important information please visit the Plant Sale webpage. For prices, please click here.

Shifting to an online platform

In response to COVID-19, Petaluma Bounty will be transitioning our annual plant sale to an online platform with pre-scheduled pick ups. The intent is to make our organically grown plant starts available to you while maintaining social distancing and safer interactions with community. Bear with us as we figure out logistics in this new COVID-19 era. Also, a reminder that our CalFresh customers will receive a 50% discount on edible plants thanks to our sponsors!

The process will take a few steps:

1) Review the list of plants grown. Please note, this list is static and will not be updated, so some items here may be sold out on the online platform;

2) Make an order through our online platform hosted by Food4All.com. They are discounting their regular customer fee to make this service more accessible to everyone! This page will update the inventory on a rolling basis. We will share the link when the site is live but are striving for April 26th;

3) Schedule a pick-up appointment with us. We’ll provide a website form for you to select an “appointment” throughout the week of April 26th (and potentially beyond) in the afternoons. Ideally, you will purchase online, then we’ll have at least 24 hours to compile your order and have it ready to drop in your trunk when you drive up during your scheduled “appointment.” You will need to bring a copy of your receipt, a mask (per the latest Health Advisory), and payment if not done through the website.

Additional Considerations:

  • Accessibility: If someone you know wants plants but doesn’t have internet services or if they speak Spanish only, have them call (707) 364-4866. Please note, we will be using the same online platform offered here, so calling this number ahead of time will not get plants any sooner! 🙂
  • Payment options: We prefer that you pay with a credit card through the secure web platform. For those who don’t have credit cards, please bring exact change with your receipt. We are also happy to accept CalFresh (EBT) for edible plants and will offer 50% discounts up to $20, thanks to our sponsors!
  • Limit on purchases: Our target customer base are home gardeners, school & community gardens and people growing food on a home-scale. We have been approached by a number commercial operations and are not able to offer bulk discounts or large scale contracts at this time. Thus, we will limit the number of plants any customer can buy to 50 plants. Please reach out to us if your circumstances require special consideration!
  • Additional plant resources: We are grateful to be able to offer plants to our community to support your desire to grow food! We are also realistic that we cannot provide all the plant starts you may want. Please consider reaching out to other local growers, including Cottage Gardens, Harmony Farm Supply (now located in Petaluma), Friedmans, and Harvest for the Hungry. Also, there’s still plenty of time to start your own plants. See below for more gardening resources!
  • Additional Gardening Resources: You have your plants (or seeds), now what? There’s an abundance of resources out there! We’ve compiled a list of local resources worth checking out here.

New Collaborations!

Sonoma County is a wonderfully collaborative place, and that’s just one reason we’re proud of our resilient community!

Petaluma Garden Club: The Bounty Plant Sale will host the Petaluma Garden Club’s plant sale in order to share our access to an online platform and means of getting plants out to our community! Plants labeled “Garden Club” come from their network of seasoned gardeners!

Heritage Salvage: Heritage Salvage is spearheading a campaign to get more people gardening by offering Victory Garden kits which include all the lumber, hardware, and soil to build your own 4′ x 4′ garden bed. Purchase your plants from Bounty and you’re set to grow, grow, grow! All proceeds go to support PPSC’s food programs including Petaluma Bounty! The Heritage Salvage Victory Garden kits are available through this link!

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