Bounty Sponsor-A-Box Initiative: Help Bounty ensure low-income consumers can participate in local CSA’s and farm stands during the COVID-19 pandemic

UPDATE July 2020: Due to the unprecedented demand for CalFresh/SNAP funds at the state and federal level, Petaluma Bounty was not awarded a grant to cover the 50% discount for CalFresh customers at local farm stands and CSA’s. We need your help today to be able to offer these services for Singing Frogs Farm and Petaluma Bounty CalFresh customers. Note, this does not impact farmers markets, but it does increase the overall budget for this initiative. Please help us reach our original goal of $8,000 today! And if you know of corporate or service groups interested in sponsorship, please send them our way!

During these uncertain times when we’re all scrutinizing our supply chain, many people have opted to seek fresh produce directly from their local farmers through weekly box subscriptions (CSA) and farm stands. But this option isn’t available to many in our community due to the higher upfront costs of produce from small-scale local farms. For the past 12 years, Bounty has offered discounted prices for people on limited-incomes (for more information on our sliding scale farm stand and CSA, please click here). This year, we have partnered with Singing Frogs Farm and Sonoma Family Meal to expand the reach of our nutrition incentive program to their customers on CalFresh (previously known as food stamps)..

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Donate now to support:

  • Connect CalFresh users to their local farmers’ market by funding a one-time incentive bump (daily maximum of $20) during CalFresh Awareness Month (May).
  • Provide ongoing funding for a 50% discount for CalFresh customers getting weekly CSA boxes from Singing Frogs Farm through December, 2020.
  • Fund a 30% discount at Bounty’s sliding scale farm stand and CSA for during the 2020 farm season for customers who identify as low-income.
  • Fund Petaluma Bounty’s 50% discount for CalFresh customers at our sliding scale farmstand and CSA. 
  • Ensure farmers are able to sell their produce to a broader base of people in your community.

Join Petaluma Bounty, Singing Frogs Farm, FEED Sonoma, and Sonoma Family Meal to ensure access to fresh, locally grown produce for community members on limited income. Together we are supporting our families, farmers, and local economy! Help us reach our $8,000 goal today!

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