Bounty Hunters Training and Engaging this Saturday

This Saturday from to 2 to 4pm, we are inviting all Bounty Hunters past and present to come to the farm. We have invited our coordinators, past and present, to share what working with the Bounty Hunters Food Recovery program did for them, how it has changed over the years, identify what is needed today and share skills so that new volunteers will be ready to answer the call when donors need help sharing their extra food. Come join us to hear about our food recovery program, see how you can plug in, and learn about proper harvesting techniques on the Bounty Farm.

Petaluma Bounty is part of a larger network of pantries, food banks, driver networks, donors, and community members working to redirect highly perishable and nutrient rich food goes to people in need. We have volunteer drivers, people who collect unsold food after farmers’ markets, volunteer harvesters who go out to others’ homes and gardens or farms.

Here is a visual model of food recovery from the perspective of the Bounty Hunters Program. For a better view, download the document here.

There is more food going to waste than our volunteer network can reach. We ask potential donors to consider taking food to a local drop site. Below is a visual of a flyer or you can click here for a link to the flyer.

Keep this flyer handy, share with others who have more than they can use, and please consider coming out to volunteer with us this Saturday from 2 to 4pm.

Growing and Sharing the Bounty in Community! 

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