Help us make the Bounty volunteer experience even better!

At Petaluma Bounty, we wouldn’t exist without the amazing and continual out-pouring of support from our community! From events, data entry, weeding and watering, supporting educational visits on the farm, selling at our community markets, seeding, answering questions at the Plant Sale…. the list goes on and on to the tune of over 2000 hours per year!

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We are grateful for your continued support over the past ten years! And we want to hear from volunteers past and present what’s working at the Bounty Community Farm, what could use improvement and ideas on how to continue to work together to make programming relevant to our amazing community.

Survey Monkey Link

Please fill out our 10 question survey on volunteering at the Bounty Farm and share with others. We will raffle off prizes such as Bounty Boxes, T-shirts, canvas bags, and other goodies for people who provide contact information. You can also provide feedback anonymously.

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Thank you, Petaluma, for making the Bounty Farm what it is today and for helping us shape what it can become in the future!


Suzi, Katie, and Taylor

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